Our Experienced Landscape Team

I am proud and lucky to have this group of experienced professionals working with me at PHL. Not only are they a highly skilled team, they also have a naturally friendly and courteous attitude which creates a fun working atmosphere.

Dean Tzellas – Owner & Founder

  • UMass Stockbridge Graduate
  • Landscape Designer

George J Nichols – Company Manager/ Lawn Specialist/Applicator

  • UMass Green School Graduate
  • Specializes in designing turf care programs
  • Evaluates and communicates throughout the season

Fredy – Construction Foreman

  • Over 20 years with the company
  • Apprenticed under Dean for 10 years in the field

Mario РMaintenance Foreman 

  • 20+ years experience

David – Mowing/Maintenance Foreman

  • 15+ years experience