Mosquito & Tick Control

Being Proactive is the Best Defense against Pests!


The turning of the seasons can bring more than just great weather. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes are those unwanted guests that show up every year. Not only can these pests be annoying, they can also pose a serious risk to public health. Mosquitos and ticks can spread disease to both humans and pets. Sign up for a 100% organic and natural Lemongrass oil solution and put your mind at ease. Our Pest Control Outdoor Spray has a high effective kill rate, but is harmless to humans, and pets which allows for almost immediate re-entry into the treated area. Enjoy the outdoors worry free by protecting your family and friends with our season long program. Planning a special event? One time applications can keep the guest list down!

  • Season Long Control Programs
  • Parties & Event Applications
  • 100% Safe for children, pets and the environment
  • Guaranteed Results

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