Pheasant Hill Landscape’s experienced masons have been designing and installing for over 30 years.

Working within your budget and direction,  we collaborate with you to create a project that fits your particular needs.  Our high quality materials and experienced team are excited to help you enhance your outdoor living area. Our results are nothing short of remarkable, creating places to entertain and captivate regardless of the season day or night.

Retaining Walls

Pheasant Hill Landscape’s skilled designers and laborers have been installing retaining walls for over 25 years. Our retaining walls are stylish, but are built to be durable and resilient giving the adverse weather conditions of New England.

Stone Walls

Pheasant Hill Landscape have been designing and installing stone wall systems for various applications for over 25 years. We provide a wide range of styles, colors, and textures as well as providing options for natural stones. Enhancing your outdoor area with top quality products, we work in harmony with the given beauty of the surrounding environment.

Concrete & Step Repair

Pheasant Hill Landscape has been repairing and restoring concrete cracks and steps for over 25 years. Our skilled masons are highly trained to identify stress, and implement the most accurate process for repair.

Fire Pits

Pheasant Hill Landscape has been providing homeowners fire pits and chimney systems for over 25 years.

Our specialists will design a visually appealing and cost effective answer to your fire pit needs. Environmentally friendly designs, offering high insulation value and exhibiting reflective qualities are some of our cornerstones.