Lawn Mowing

Our team of maintenance professionals have been proudly serving the Framingham area and surrounding towns for 30 plus years.  Our experienced crew supervisor has been with the company since its inception.

The effectiveness of maintaining healthy turf relies on the supervisor’s ability. Scheduling frequency as well as height, given the adverse weather conditions of Massachusetts. ​

Spring Clean Up/Dethatch Lawn

Spring clean ups have been provided by Pheasant Hill Landscape for the Framingham community and surrounding towns for 30 plus years. Establishing a thorough clean-up is the first step in developing an appropriate start to each season.

Fall Clean ups

Pheasant Hill Landscape has been servicing the Framingham area and surrounding towns with fall cleanups for30 plus years. Our skilled professionals have established time management methods that provide an efficient and cost-effective service given the adverse New England weather conditions.


Pheasant Hill Landscape has proudly served communities throughout the MetroWest, Greater Boston, and central Massachusetts for 30 plus  years. Founded by Dean Tzellas, a landscape expert and licensed agronomist, Pheasant Hill Landscape is well known for high quality work, meticulous attention to detail, and unparalleled customer service.


Pheasant Hill Landscape has been installing mulch for 30 plus years. Our philosophy is meticulously preparing mulch beds by edging and weeding to ensure an aesthetically pleasing, well-manicured end result. Installing an appropriate mulch depth helps prevent weed encroachment along with a pre-emergent weed control.