Pheasant hill landscape has provided landscape construction services to metro west communities for over 30 years. We can work with you from start to finish to meet & exceed your expectations for your outdoor living space.


Stone Patios & Walkways

From bluestone, granite and goshen stone to any paver style & color you can imagine 

Paver Driveways

We can design a paver or cobblestone driveway that is functional, durable and quite stylish. 


Whether you are leveling your backyard to allow for more play area for the kids or making space for a patio, a fieldstone, granite or fabricated wall system can be a great choice. 

Concrete & Step Repair

The New England climate is not very forgiving for aging masonry. If you have issues with deteriorating walls & steps but you’re not ready for a complete renovation, we can repair it for you. 


The latest ways to completely relax and make the most of your outdoor space. 

Water Features

Experience the health benefits of sitting by a pond and listening to the calming therapy of a stream or waterfall in your own backyard. 

Stone Walls & Stone steps

Elegant designs ranging from simple and informal to extremely complex. 

Let us build something for you.